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Posture Rehabilitation and Trigger Point Therapy.

With over 10 years experience, we pride ourselves in helping people become more mobile and promote functional stability with a rehabilitation programme.

Whether it be minor aches and pains to sporting injuries, our focus is on treating the cause not the problem, resulting in a quicker and long-lasting recovery, assisting the prevention of future injuries.

posture rehabilitation and trigger point therapy

sports massage price premier gym members discount
1 hour
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5 x 1 hour
£270 (save £30)
£240 (save £60)
Maintenance Sessions
30 mins
5 x 30 mins
£125 (save £25)
£120 (save £30)

Bulk massage sessions include a free postural assessment, a thorough consultation and home rehabilitation programme. If we feel it would be beneficial to your treatment and your needs, all massages will also include additional using the Theragun and Kinesiology taping methods at no additional cost.

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massage therapy

Massage therapy releases the fascia tissue and any tension, taking strain off the muscles, tendons and joints.


theragun g3pro

This is a powerful vibration therapy device that helps you recover from tough workouts faster. It reduces muscle and joint pain, releases knots and breaks up scar tissue.



When RockTape is applied to the skin it has a microscopic lifting effect which allows the by- products of inflammation to be removed quicker.

Rock Blades

rock blades

Rock Blades are two precision- engineered soft tissue instruments assisting in reducing adhesions anc increase healing rates of targeted tissue - your ultimate in-clinic tool.



Pain-relieving benefits of TENS amplified with the recovery benefits of NMES, for an overall amplified experience.

Dry Needling

dry needling/acuptuncture

Medical acupuncture and dry needling to treat sports and occupational injuries and increase health and well-being.

what our clients say

Over the previous 12 months I had struggled with a shoulder injury that was both causing constant pain and severely limiting my ability to train at the required intensity to prepare properly for this seasons competitions. However with the combination of weekly deep tissue work and corrective postural exercises from Kat. I was soon able to return to training pain free again and this was actually a huge factor in helping me win 1st place at the IFBB Masters Mens Physique British Finals this year.

66 I went to see Kat to align my posture due to my demanding boxing/training regime. Kat managed to sort out the issue and helped me understand the best ways to compliment my current training to increase performance and reduce injury. I did a 5 week course and learnt a lot about injury management within each session and aftercare advice.

new! VIRTUAL REHAB price
45 minute online consultation
4 week rehabilitation coaching course

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