Sports Massage Pricing & Packages


(includes postural assessment, consultation and treatment on full body)



(available to purchase after the first initial 1 hour treatment to create the rehabilitation program specifically to the findings and treatment agreed)

5×30 minute maintenance sessions £135 (save £15) (Premier Gym Members £120 saving £30 in total)

5×1 hour massage sessions £270 (save £30) (Premier Gym Members £240 saving £60 in total)

(receive a free rehabilitation strengthening, trigger point release and stretch program worth £75)

45 minute deep tissue back massage

Relieve tension, aid recovery and reduce stress with a deep tissue massage focused on the back and neck area. Using rhythmic massage movements with deep pressure will flush out unwanted toxins and lactic acid and help reduce scar tissue build up.  This will help to reduce future chance of injury complaints and further aid recovery and performance by flushing blood flow around the muscles and aiding lymphatic drainage.


45 minute trigger point release therapy

(neck and shoulders)

This massage technique is used to de-trigger overactive neck muscles that can connect through into the shoulder joint cause a range of pain and injury complaints. Recommended to treat those with a demanding and stressful work life or a job that requires being seated for long periods of time.